Shelters & Rescues

If you need to rehome your pet, please start this process as early as possible. Most no-kill shelters and rescues are at capacity. If they can help you, it may take time for them to find space or a foster to take your pet in. The county kill shelter is not obligated to take in relinquished pets. They may turn you away if they do not have the space. Or, if they do take your pet, you will need to pay a relinquishment fee and there is no guarantee that your pet will not be euthanized.

You can always rehome your furry friend yourself while you contact shelters. See instructions below.

Relinquish Your Pet

01. Shelters In The Coachella Valley

    • Coachella Valley Animal Campus (kill shelter)

      CVAC is our Valley’s County shelter and although they have to take in strays, they do not have to take in owner-relinquished pets, so they may turn you away. They also charge a fee and there is no guarantee that your pet will not be euthanized.

    • Palm Springs Animal Shelter (no-kill shelter)

      If they have space, they will take your relinquished pet in but only if you are a resident of Palm Springs and can prove you have a Palm Springs address.

    • Desert Hot Springs Animal Care and Control (no-kill shelter)

      If they have space, they will take your relinquished pet in but only if you are a resident of Desert Hot Springs and can prove you have a DHS address.

    • Animal Samaritans (no-kill shelter)

      At this time, Animal Samaritans is not taking in large dogs. If they have room, they will take in small dogs from any resident living in the Coachella Valley.

    • Loving All Animals (no-kill shelter)

      Loving All Animals is a smaller rescue and can only handle a few dogs in their facility at a time. They only take smaller dogs and can take in cats if they have an available foster.

Relinquish Your Pet

02. Sanctuaries

  • Living Free Animal Sanctuary

    Living Free does not accept relinquished pets. Most of their rescues are pulled from local shelters.

  • Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center

    If they have space, they will take in relinquished pets. They are a sanctuary and will keep your pet for life, but their main goal is find your pet a loving home. You must fill out the relinquishment form before they will consider your pet. The form is long so give yourself time to fill it out. It takes a day or two for them to respond as to whether they have space. If they do, they will give you an assessment date. Assessments are normally a month out. There is a relinquishment fee. For pets one year and older: $150 for the first pet and $25 for each additional pet
    For litters of kittens/puppies: $50 for the first pet and $5 for each additional pet

Relinquish Your Pet

03. Foster Based Rescues

Desert Paws Sanctuary

The Animal Rescue Center Of California

California Paws



Relinquish Your Pet

04. Broaden Your Research

Don’t restrict your research to just southern California. Look at other neighboring states. States like Oregon and Washington have a shortage of small dogs while states like Minnesota have a shortage of large dogs. Remember that breed-specific shelters and rescues have a huge heart for their dog’s breed and may be more apt to take them in.

Rehome Your Pet

05. How To Rehome Your Pet Yourself

There are many resources on the internet that give you a free platform to advertise your pet for rehoming. Make sure you have good close-up pictures of your pet and a video showing the pet’s personality. This is the most important part of posting your pet. Adopters are scanning through hundreds of photos and you want to make sure you catch their eye.

Create a bio describing your pet’s personality, breed, markings, gender, age, and if they are good with other pets and people. Also include records showing your pet’s vaccination history, microchip number, spay/neuter, or medical history.


    Adopt-a-Pet is a widely used website by shelters rescues and pet owners.


    Facebook has a page called Rehoming Pets in the Coachella Valley. Pet owners are allowed to post their pets for rehoming purposes.


    Create a post about your pet, including your dog’s story and great pics.

  • Lost and Found Pets in the  Coachella Valley – Facebook

    You need to join this page to post. Once you create your post on their page, it will take a few hours for them to approve it before it will go live. A lot of rescuers and animal lovers peruse this page so you may find help or you may find a new home for your pet.

  • Post on Your Social Page

    Friends and family are the best people to help you rehome your pet. They have a personal connection with you and want to help by sharing your pet’s story or adopting themselves.